(Carefully) adding ArcGIS data to iD

Byron South
Friday, 5:05pm – 20 min
Sam Libby

Esri has recently worked to develop a proposed addition to the iD Editor that will allow editors to add an ArcGIS-based web service to the map, extract selected geometries from the service, map feature attributes to OSM tags, and submit these features as an addition to OSM in one complete workflow. We have been working carefully on an initial version of this have proposed an issue for discussion on the iD repository.

This session will discuss the motivations for this addition, the development process and outstanding tasks, and our efforts to provide new functionality without ending up with a lot of low-quality edits. We have continued to work to make sure that this feature does not make it easy to incorporate bad data, create conflicts, or make importing larger areas too simple, while still providing a tool for adding properly-licensed municipal, government or private sector data to OSM from these sources where geometry and attribution has already been established. This session is intended to present this concept and get feedback from the community gathered at SOTMUS in order to help move this feature towards acceptance into iD.