Bicycle Network Analysis: OSM for cycling

Byron South
Saturday, 2:40pm – 20 min
Spencer Gardner

PeopleForBikes, based in Boulder, has developed a tool for scoring bicycle network connectivity in cities across the USA. The tool makes heavy use of OSM data for determining bicycle friendly streets and for routing on the network. I am the consultant who led the development of the tool. My PeopleForBikes colleague, Jennifer Boldry, and I propose a session to describe the general workings of the tool as well as a discussion of OSM tagging for bike infrastructure and the challenges of developing a tool that applies across the entire nation.

Another aspect of the project involved providing guidance for city staff on how to update their OSM bike data. We organized a bike-oriented Mapathon here in Madison, WI to use as an example for other cities to follow in organizing similar efforts. Time permitting, we would also plan to talk about these efforts.