Enhancing Maps with Mapillary

Byron North
Saturday, 11:50am – 20 min
Christopher Beddow

Mapillary is a powerful tool for proliferation of data. OpenStreetMap relies on a community of editors who are capable of using ground truthing, satellite imagery, and street-level imagery to build the world’s best map. However, the volume and speed of edits is limited to how much data a human editor can manually track down and annotate.

Mapillary multiplies the potential of any individual or group to contribute to OpenStreetMap by allowing vast areas to be captured in street-level imagery then converted to detailed and comprehensive map data.

Every OSM editor can be empowered by Mapillary to make more map data available to themselves and others across the globe. This session will walk through the map data being created with our computer vision capabilities and how this and other data can be accessed in the latest API.