Data Use:Go Code Colorado App Challenge

Byron South
Saturday, 10:05am – 20 min
Margaret Spyker

Colorado is currently entering into their fifth year of Go Code Colorado. The major premise of this project is two fold: (1) To encourage use of open data by the tech community of Colorado and (2) to work with govt agencies to identify, publish and maintain datasets that will solve business problems. Working with data providers facilitates better understanding of data by consumers in the tech community, and working with tech startups facilitates better understanding of what data is likely to translate into apps that have clear value to business decision makers.

Colorado Secretary of State Business Intelligence Center and program director Andrew Cole will share details on how community engagement can produce tangible outcomes. Data Team Leader and OSM Mapper Margaret Spyker will share stats on how the program monitors data use to create and benefit business decision makers, and how valuable datasets are identified and published to a centralized portal The Colorado Information Marketplace. Tyler Bird, from Go Code Colorado sponsor CARTO, will present on ways teams have used CARTO and Open Street Map data to decrease the developer time required to explore the data and build an interactive map interface for the apps.