Hands on OSC On The Road Workshop

Meet at Ketchum 1B64
Sunday, 1pm - 4pm

Our tool OpenStreetCam is helping to improve the maps in different cities of the world, from OSM geeks to Technology enthusiastic people are participating in adding images and Telenav using Computer Vision technology and a group of Map analyst is supporting to improve OSM.

The OpenStreetCam team hopes to do the following in this workshop:

  1. Define an area with limited data in the city
  2. Print 4-6 squares of the area identified with fieldpapers
  3. Gather 4-6 groups of people, each group should have between 2-3 people (limit to 15 people in total)
  4. Telenav will have available 4-6 Taxis or Lyft or Ubers and the team leader will indicates the routes to follow, the preference is driving North to South and West to 5. East (or viceversa) in the area already provided by printing a field paper. This will support to have a good overview of the city roads
  5. After one hour of photomapping we will gather in a Pub to discuss the exercise and the results
  6. Telenav will show the statistics of the data obtained in some cities in the world and will be providing souvenirs.