HOT Export Tool

Byron South
Sunday, 3:10pm – 85 minutes
Mhairi O'Hara
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

The workshop will introduce recent improvements to the HOT Export Tool and how it integrates with the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) platform and the open Global Exposure Database (GED4ALL). The tool allows users to create custom OSM exports anywhere in the world, by selecting an area of interest, map features and file formats. Within minutes, up-to-date OSM data is extracted, filtered and converted.

OSM data is quickly becoming the main source of free open geospatial data, but getting access to it is not always easy, especially for those new to OSM and have little technical ability. The Export Tool is aimed at changing this. The workshop will present the concepts of the tool and demonstrate how to use it, so that the participants become familiar with extracting OSM data, easily, when they need to.

Greater exposure of the tool will make OSM data more accessibly to a larger group of individuals, introducing them to free open geospatial data for a more connected world. The feedback and comments from the participants of the workshop will also be extremely beneficial for future enhancements of the tool to ensure that it continues to deliver the needs of its users.