MapCampaigner: Future of field mapping

Byron North
Friday, 12:10pm – 20 min
Tyler Radford
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

OSM users who contribute content are motivated by a variety of factors. What is the future of truly crowdsourced, yet organized and measurable field mapping in OpenStreetMap? Imagine being able to start a campaign around a given theme (say, mapping all cafes in a city), alert users, and monitor progress by area or by attribute as edits roll in.

Developed by HOT and Kartoza to support refugee response in S. Sudan and Turkey, MapCampaigner is a new application that changes how ground mapping is organized and tracked. Using the app, organizers can manage efforts to source or improve any type of data in OSM where field surveying is required. Users in the area are encouraged to contribute local knowledge through mobile editors. MapCampaigner provides the tools to monitor progress, view metrics on the quality and completeness of collected data, and improve quality. It connects several existing tools, such as the Tasking Manager, OSM Analytics, and the Export tool, and allows for integration with apps such as OpenMapKit and Statistics are displayed in a dashboard indicating where further collection or cleanup is needed.

This session will provide a demo and overview and seek input for enhancements. Participants will walk away with basic knowledge and ability to leverage it on their projects.