Rocking the Smart City Landscape

Byron North
Friday, 2:00pm – 5 min
Javier Carranza Tresoldi

The Smart City concept has been developed within the Openstreetmap community for years now and more than by 3, 7 million users represent a great opportunity for many massive cities. We are opening totally new urban spaces with civic technologies and we know how to make a change.

Most of smart cities plans use a top-down digital approach. They conceive digital initiatives and smart technology services by purchasing costly infrastructure from state of the art technology companies, putting them into place, and then pushing out smaller, use case implementations downstream. Not surprisingly, our bottom up approach can make the difference to sustain the growth of smart cities including all stakes, nurturing a healthy urban development.

This talk will portray the many initiatives that OSM is undertaking to change the smart city landscape. For instance, in the city of Portland, TriMet, the public agency that provides bus, light rail and commuter rail transit services is aided by the community by including multimodal transportation plans using the OSM platform. There are more examples going on and more will follow. Let’s show the world how smart cities can be built from the basement!