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Mapping navigation with telemetry

Byron South
Sunday, 9:00am – 85 minutes
Srividya C and Oindrila Gupta

Map data for turn by turn navigation requires identification of traffic assets, restrictions, and speed data. To help build this open dataset at Mapbox, we turn to street-level imagery and increasingly telemetry data.

Telemetry data, essentially location and timestamp, is collected anonymously and optionally via Mapbox mobile SDKs. This is processed in aggregate to identify missing roads, determine possible turn restrictions and one-ways, and build speed profiles.

In this workshop I and my co-presenter Oindrila, will focus on this process of collecting telemetry data, and how the Mapbox data team use telemetry day to day to create high precision navigation data in OpenStreetMap. Looking forward, we want to explore potential for community participation in these projects.