Missing Maps

Byron North
Friday, 11:30am – 20 min
Rachel Levine
American Red Cross

Millions of people are vulnerable to disaster and disease because of rapid urbanization, climate change, and insufficient infrastructure. The Missing Maps project aims to put these communities on the map.

The MM Project is a global collaboration between NGO’s, data partners, universities, and the private sector. Launched in 2014, we have had over 27,000 volunteers and hosted over 700 mapathons in 60+ countries. As a community, we’ve accomplished amazing things over the last three years and we are excited to share what we have planned for Year Four!

The American Red Cross, as a founding member of the MM Project, is actively working to map 200 million of the world’s vulnerable people in OpenStreetMap by 2021; creating open map data for anyone to access, use, and update.

This talk will focus on our recent work and use of OSM to help vaccinate 7 million children in 5 days in Malawi and highlight our upcoming campaigns. We are proud members of the OSM-US community and are excited to engage more with the community as we continue to introduce and scale OSM activities across the country. We will also share updates on enhancements we’ve released in 2017, specifically for engagement and validation.