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Dancing the mosh pit style with fresh Openstreetmap ideas

Byron South
Friday, 2:20pm – 20 min
Javier Carranza Tresoldi

Openstreetmap (OSM) has championed in geographic citizenry data collection for years now. A few months ago we learned at the UN World Data Forum in South Africa about the interest in the OSM geodatabase from National Statistics offices. Besides, many authoritative data agencies around the world are seeing how their shrinking budgets call for a change in their collection processes with the data revolution, asking themselves how to use our data and how to work with our civic tech groups. Following the 2030 agenda, they officially accept that the use of external collaboration can be a great tool to their data collection needs.

We propose a talk inviting UN and Census Officers from US and Canada to show how they could use contributions from our community and other stakeholders, in particular to fill gaps on census coverages and SDG indicators. We will also portray results from the STATS UP project, a program to contribute to bring more allies into the SDG indicators production and census rounds. We’ll finally explain how to use the knowledge base of the OSM community (blogs and talk sessions) to learn OSM in the government, producing lessons to collaborate.