Byron North
Saturday, 3:35pm – 20 min

OpenDroneMap (ODM) is an open source toolkit for processing aerial drone imagery. ODM turns overlapping image datasets from cameras mounted on drones into three dimensional geographic data and map products.

In the past year ShadowView Foundation, University of Wollongong, Cleveland Metroparks, and Medicine San Frontiers received the Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) grant to bring improvements to core dense point cloud generation, texturing, and web interface development. To date through this fund, we are improving the efficiency and scalability of ODM and collaborated with the American Red Cross (ARC) and their Missing Maps initiative to bring drone mapping to Portable OSM (POSM). ARC funded work to enable ODM to run on portable PCs for in-the-field mapping, while the HIF funding will shortly add an interface for entering ground control points. Scalability improvements are also in the pipeline with support for both smaller machines and massive datasets.

Thanks to community contributions, WebODM is an easy to install server application that can support multiple processing nodes for parallel task execution. With recent GUI and API additions in WebODM, it is easier to process missions and access TMS layers of map rasters, las files of out out data and more.