OSM Checkins for Malaria Eradication

Byron North
Saturday, 10:25am – 20 min
Matt Berg

Over the past year, major efforts have been made by the humanitarian OSM community to map households to support Malaria eradication. My talk will provide a practical example of how we have been using OSM Checkins in to help support precision indoor residual spraying (IRS) in Zambia. With Akros Global Health, my organization Ona (https://ona.io) has developed the mSpray solution (http://akros.com/mspray/) that has been used to spray over 500,000 homes in the past three years. For mSpray we leverage OSM in several ways. First, we use the locations of the traced structures to know where people live to create targeted spray areas. Then when a household is sprayed, we use OpenMapKit to link the spray data to specific structure in OSM. This allows us to very accurately track spray coverage. By using this approach we have been able to achieve a high level of spray coverage and reporting accuracy within 1% (independently verified).

My talk will discuss how the potential for OSM household mapping and checkins to improve global vaccine coverage and to help better coordinate humanitarian responses like places like Somalia where we work.