OpenStreetMap Quality Control

Byron North
Saturday, 9:45am – 20 min
Rasagy Sharma

OpenStreetMap has been adopted for critical applications in navigation, disaster response, urban planning and much more. Accidental edits and attempts at vandalism can have a much wider impact. Every day at Mapbox our team reviews changesets, run automated tests on edits, improves documentation and workflows on validation, and builds new tools.

This talk will look at what we’ve learned and what we’ve built over the last year, and share some tools and processes that could benefit the broader community. OSMCha ( - the changeset analysis tool - has been totally redesigned to integrate new workflows and tools in the OSM ecosystem, our ingestion pipeline tests every edit using rule based and machine learning models, and we regularly capture patterns and learnings. We’ll highlight work on preparing, protecting and inviting Pokemon mappers to the community, and detecting regular new mapper breakages, and fictional features. We’re excited to learn from and engage the community to keep OpenStreetMap the best map of the world.