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Planimetrics Import:Denver Metro Area

Byron South
Saturday, 10:25am – 20 min
Mike Thompson, Ashley Summers

The Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) and OpenStreetMap-Colorado have teamed up to import buildings for the Denver metro area, including Boulder. DRCOG brings together local governments to plan for the future of urban development and transportation in the region. One of their many roles is to supply foundational datasets that support decision-making, such as aerial imagery, LIDAR, and planimetric data. In 2016, DRCOG completed a project to collect detailed infrastructure data like building rooprints and sidewalks for 1100 square miles of the metro area from highly accurate, high-resolution imagery. DRCOG put this data immediately into the public domain to empower local governments, companies, entrepreneurs, and researchers to do analysis on everything from asset inventories to walksheds to 3D modeling. DRCOG felt that a great way to further extend the value of this data would be to add it to OSM. DRCOG staff and OSM volunteers have been working through a process to segment the data so it can be submitted to OSM in pieces by OSM editors using the Tasking Manager. At completion, around 600,000 buildings roofprints will be added to the Denver Metro area.