TeachOSM Educator Workshop

Ketchum 1B44
Sunday, 9am - 5pm
Steven Johnson, Maggie Cawley

A one-day open mapping workshop for high school and college teachers. The workshop gives teachers the tools to create engaging, hands-on mapping projects for their students. Workshop participants will:

  • Get a hands-on introduction to fundamental open mapping techniques – the OpenStreetMap toolset, editing OpenStreetMap, and best practices for data quality Conduct a street survey with OSM veterans to map different neighborhoods throughout Boulder using field papers

  • Use active examples of how to apply open mapping techniques in class: how to create good projects.

  • Use the TeachOSM for High School curriculum to create a classroom mapathon Learn how to work in an open source community and contribute to the open mapping body of knowledge.

  • Initiate partnerships with groups “on the ground” in areas needing mappers to pair classrooms with those in areas of need. (e.g. HOTOSM, Missing Maps)