Who's on First 👊 OpenStreetMap

Byron South
Friday, 5:25pm – 20 min
Aaron Straup Cope

Who’s On First (WOF) is an openly licensed gazetteer of (almost) all the places in the world, started in 2015 at Mapzen, spanning continents all the way down to neighbourhoods and venues. Currently WOF defines 26 million places, licensed as a CC-BY or CC-0 dataset.

This presentation will introduce the project and review its progress to date and discuss the work we’ve done to build to build editorial tools for staff and facilitate contributions from the public alike, specifically around venues.

Finally this talk will discuss how and where these efforts overlap with OSM, where they don’t because of differing licensing restrictions or other reasons and how Mapzen might best structure our work so that all the data is able to hold hands with OpenStreetMap if or when the OSM community is interested in importing it themselves.