Partnerships Lightning Talk, Mihai Iepure – Transcription

Next up is oh. Yeah. Mihai. Going to talk about conflation. In five minutes. It’s going to be a tough one. Take it away. No extra stuff on the screens? Hi, everyone. I’m Mihai from the map panelist team at Telenav. And in the next five minutes I’m going to do a quick overview of a tool that we use internally. It has been developed internally and it helps us to compare external data that we find with the OSM data. Right on. So I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about conflation and all that jazz. So basically, it’s it’s the act of comparing, of merging two data layers in order to create one a single data layer that contains both attributes from the input layers. So this is what Cygnus does. It’s a tool developed internally, as I said. It compares two datasets. An external data and the OSM data and gives you an XML file that you can load in JOSM and edit based on it. So just to highlight. So no OSM data are is destroyed or degraded or anything like that. Right. So a bit of the workflow. So you feed signals with an external data file. And then a translation file. And it gives you the XML file. One thing, before feeding into everything Cygnus, you better watch out for the license. I’m not going to get into that too much. The license of the external the external file so it should be compatible with the OSM data. Right. So this is a screenshot with the translation file. So in this particular case, you can see that in the local data we have the ways named as expressway, freeway, arterial whatever. And the translation is the translation file transforms these pieces of information into OSM tags like secondary, service and so on. And also for the one-way information. This is just a quick a small example. So we have the local data junction represented in the local data file as a dual carriageway. In OSM you can see that the north/south way is single. Single carriageway. And what basically we have after the whole Cygnus thing, we have the difference which is the north/south, which is represented as dual carriageway. What I wanted also to mention, inside the team we use script. So we can feed Cygnus a shape file with the external data. But you can also try to so to avoid the translations and all the things, you can try to you can try to play with Cygnus on There’s a link on that Website. And you can just upload an external file and put Cygnus to work. That’s all. [ Applause ] All right. Thanks. Yes?