Partnerships Lightning Talk, Sandra Uddback – Transcription

Sandra, you’re up next. Spoiler alert? I didn’t do it. I’ll let you take over. All right. All right. So I’m Sandra from Mapillary. And for those who did not hear my colleague, Chris, talk earlier this morning, we are a collaborative platform for streetlevel images and map data. And this means that any of you can upload your images to us and then use those images as they are or to extract data from. And all images on Mapillary are available to OpenStreetMap. So I plan to talk about our computer vision and OpenStreetMap tools. But given the recent challenges that we have in the world, I wanted to spend my four minutes which I guess I have left on collaboration and how collaboration and partnership can help with the development of disaster relief. And now I’m going to I know it’s late. I’m going to need a little bit of help from you. This needs to be quick. So the next images I’m going show, I need you to shout out and tell me which place. Where we are in the world. Does anyone guess where we are now? Florida. Yes. Now? Dominica. And here I’m going to show two. Okay. This is Northern California. This is Santa Rosa. And the last one anyone guess? This is Mexico City. Yes. So all these are images from recent natural disasters. And I guess everyone in this room knows that the ground perspective can be very helpful when doing mapping. And also, of course, in disaster mapping. And this is where streetlevel images comes in. The tricky part with streetlevel images is that you can’t get them from space. And until we have solved this whole selfdriving car thing, there needs to be a human going out, capturing these images. So and this is where the beauty of collaboration comes in. So today on Mapillary we have more than 200 million images. But most of this is actually contributed by individuals. But there is parts of it that comes from cities or governments or commercial actors. Some have interest in OpenStreetMap, some have not. And I wanted to show I wanted to highlight two commercial actors that have been contributing to Mapillary. And this I should probably say is this section is not sponsored by Microsoft even though it might seem like it now. So Microsoft is one of the commercial actors that has been contributing predisaster images of Florida and Texas to Mapillary. And all these images are also available now to OpenStreetMap. I think it’s in total 11 million images. Another company is Compass Data. They have been out capturing after the hurricane with professional camera rigs. We have 360 images of parts of Florida. And as soon as these images hits Mapillary, they’re also available on OpenStreetMap. And what I really want to acknowledge the value of these contributions, I want to encourage everyone and especially the commercial players that have an interest in improving OpenStreetMap to share the images if you have streetlevel images, to share these images on a collaborative platform. Because it will not only make the map better, but when the day comes, and if a disaster strikes, then these images can help the work of disaster relief that can actually help to save lives. Thank you. [ Applause ] Can I just say that you’re also modest with your time?