OSM for Rock Climbers – Transcription

You want to announce yourself? This is you, right? Hello, everyone. Hi. Oh. Full screen. There we go. All right. My name is Viet Nguyen, I’m from Portland, Oregon. It’s not Halloween, but I’m dressing up as a rock climber. I’m very excited to be here. Whereas Sorry about that. As you can see, I’m dressing up to go on a rock climb before heading out to the mountains. Besides the obvious gear, rope, carabiner, what’s the other thing that people bring in these days my friends and myself, we all carry a smartphone. So last year I started thinking about, maybe I can find some public dataset and build maps for myself and my friends and we can share them among ourselves. The problem is, there aren’t any public data available for me to use. So I was happy to encounter OpenStreetMap and I did a quick query and, surprise! There was a lot of data. Do you want to guess how many objects marked as sport ecoclimbing? All right. Actually, C is the correct answer. There’s over 11,000 objects tagged with sport ecoclimbing. Well, as you can see, there’s a lot of them in Europe. But, like, I can see the flat iron out of the window, but it’s blank in the on the map. So I started a project. And it’s strictly my labor of love, selffunded. It’s called the Open Beta Initiative. Basically it’s an app for rock climbers to share climbing data, to edit and contribute. And the data are going to be in OpenStreetMap. Yeah. I also need to talk about yeah. Just a lot of work needs to be done. And if you have comments, ideas, pull requests on GitHub. It would be appreciated. [ Applause ]