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Lightning Talks - Community Tools

Byron North
Friday, 2:00pm – 1 hour
Viet Nguyen, Minh Nguyen, Bryan Housel, Davey Lovin, Martha Morrissey, Danielle Golon, Jeff Ferrara, Javier Carranza Tresoldi, Beata Tautan-Jancso, Clifford Snow
OSM for Rock Climbers
Viet Nguyen
I'm an avid rock climber and open source software developer. In early 2017 I launched the OpenBeta Initiative, an open source map sharing app for rock climbers. The app will make it easier for climbers to submit and tag climbing-related natural features and link with external sources (similar to wikidata). The data is pushed to OSM and is also accessible from OpenBeta REST API.
Do you node the way to San Jose?
Minh Nguyen
A small community is mapping the country’s tenth-largest city in the heart of Silicon Valley. In this “state of” talk, learn about our achievements, our struggles along the way, and where we go from here.
The State of the iD Editor
Bryan Housel, Mapbox
iD is an active open source project with a thriving developer community. We are steadily adding new features and making improvements that help both new and experienced mappers contribute to OpenStreetMap. This talk will summarize some of the progress that we’ve made in the past year.
The Lesotho Footbridge Project
Davey Lovin
Our club, the [University of Colorado Boulder chapter]( of the non-profit Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), has started a footbridge building program in Swaziland, southern Africa and helped build our inaugural bridge there this past month. During the course of our build, we contacted members of the OSM #MapLesotho initiative and travelled to Lesotho with members of the community surveying bridge sites in the country. In our trip we built a strong group of interested parties and are well on our way to organizing a build in Lesotho for next summer. Furthermore, with the wealth of OSM data available due to #MapLesotho I performed a spatial analysis with python and R to identify regions of the country that are cut off from accessibility to essential services by rivers--places that would be ideal for a footbridge! Finally, I have begun to sprout the idea of creating a collaborative online map so that the #MapLesotho community of district planners can identify sites that need a footbridge which is a huge step towards bringing aid to these sites. In my talk I would love to speak about the breadth of my project or go into depth about one or more facets! Thank you!
Crowd-Sourced Data and Cycling
Martha Morrissey
The aim of this lightening talk to is to present methods and data fusion techniques to better model commuter cycling flows. San Francisco, California will serve as the case study for this presentation. OpenStreetMap data is crucial for this project as it provides information on street and cycling infrastructure, which have both been found to significantly affect cycling commute volumes. OSM is not the only crowd-sourced data used in this project, data from the cycling app Strava will also be used, and integrated with OSM data. Additionally manual bike count survey data, bike share trip data, and automated count cycling data will be incorporated. This research illustrates how OSM data can be used to facilitate insights into cycling safety, and sustainable transportation planning.
Overpass & CartoFrames (Pandas/Carto)
Tyler Bird, Carto
Working with Overpass data in CartoFrames (Pandas Dataframes with Carto data) to easily get data from OpenStreetMap into a Map in Jupyter (IPython) Notebooks. This talk will showcase how to use CartoFrames with Overpass in Jupyter Notebook.
Mappers Gotta Map: Remote Sensing Style
Danielle Golon, USGS
Whether you are a farmer, cyclist, enthusiastic historian, all three, or something completely different, today is an exciting time to be a mapper. With all the birds in the sky observing our ever-changing planet, a plethora of freely available remote sensing data are ready and waiting to be consumed. This talk will be a brief glimpse into the types of data available from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)’s Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center (LP DAAC).
Noob OSM editing using UAV imagery
Jeff Ferrara, DigitalGlobe
Through aerial video capture of my new development neighborhood using my basic consumer quadcopter, I was able to easily navigate through Pix4D to generate a quality mosaic, georeference from control satellite layers in ArcMap, and use Mapbox Studio to create a style layer that I could load into OSM iD Editor using the Custom Background. If I can do it, anyone can :)
Rocking the Smart City Landscape
Javier Carranza Tresoldi
The Smart City concept has been developed within the Openstreetmap community for years now and more than by 3, 7 million users represent a great opportunity for many massive cities. We are opening totally new urban spaces with civic technologies and we know how to make a change. Most of smart cities plans use a top-down digital approach. They conceive digital initiatives and smart technology services by purchasing costly infrastructure from state of the art technology companies, putting them into place, and then pushing out smaller, use case implementations downstream. Not surprisingly, our bottom up approach can make the difference to sustain the growth of smart cities including all stakes, nurturing a healthy urban development. This talk will portray the many initiatives that OSM is undertaking to change the smart city landscape. For instance, in the city of Portland, TriMet, the public agency that provides bus, light rail and commuter rail transit services is aided by the community by including multimodal transportation plans using the OSM platform. There are more examples going on and more will follow. Let’s show the world how smart cities can be built from the basement!
Mapping with the OpenStreetCam plugin
Beata Tautan-Jancso, Telenav
The OpenStreetCam JOSM plugin helps the community to improve the map by displaying up to date street view images. Street view images are collected by the OpenStreetCam platform and are available also via the OpenStreetCam web application and map editor. Having an extra source of free and open imagery ease the process of remote mapping and allows the users to reflect the reality also in the map. Street view images are helpful for editing map features that are not visible on satellite imagery like traffic signs, house numbers, bus stops, points of interests. In this talk we will present the plugin features and how to use it effectively for mapping.
SEO out to help or hinder
Clifford Snow
SEO definition: Search Engine Optimization. Companies that are in the business to improve page ranking have decided that being on OSM will help. Is this true or just wishful thinking. We'll talk about their impact and how we might engage them.