Mapping Sidewalks for Pedestrian Routing

Byron South
Saturday, 9:45am – 20 min
Madeline Steele

In 2011, in support of the OpenTripPlanner (OTP) and other transit initiatives, TriMet adopted OSM as its basemap.

More recently, with an FTA MOD Sandbox Grant award, TriMet is enhancing OSM sidewalk data to improve pedestrian/wheelchair accessibility narratives and support the next generation of the OTP trip planner.

Using aerials and jurisdictional reference sidewalk shapefiles, we have added sidewalk tags to all appropriate streets in our area. We considered mapping sidewalks as separate ways, but chose tags because achieving consistent separate sidewalk and curb cut mapping would require survey, would create maintenance issues, and would necessitate a major overhaul of OTP. Eventually, we hope to be able to consider curb cuts when routing, but in the meanwhile, the addition of sidewalk routing logic and tags represents a major step forward in pedestrian trip planning.

Other enhancements to OTP that are funded by this grant will include: incorporation of shared-used mobility modes and real-time transit information; a modern UI; and tools to enable agencies to improve OpenAddresses data and set up their own instance of Mapzen’s open source geocoder, Pelias.