OpenAerialMap loves OpenStreetMap

Byron North
Saturday, 3:15pm – 20 min
Nate Smith
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

Openly licensed imagery drives remote and field mapping in OpenStreetMap. Bing, Digital Globe, Mapbox all offer open access to global base layers for OSM tracing. OpenAerialMap is a newer platform for sharing and accessing satellite and aerial imagery base layers with deep integration with OSM. Over the past year, OAM has been working with more drone operators and pilots to make high resolution drone imagery available for use in OSM.

This talk share the latest developments of the OAM platform. We’ll discuss how pilots around the world are making imagery available and how that imagery is being used to conduct remote mapping in OSM. We’ll share how organizations in Malawi are using OAM and OSM for flood zone planning; how teams in Vanuatu are using OAM to conduct building and coastal mapping in OSM; and how communities in Peru have used drone imagery for disaster response mapping. We’ll also share new developments on user accounts and how anyone can get started using drone imagery with OSM.