Bringing OpenStreetMap to Cars in Canada

Byron South
Friday, 4:45pm – 20 min
Martijn van Exel

Since launching Scout in the US in 2013, the Telenav OSM effort has scaled up to include a team of 30 mappers, 30+ developers and a technology stack that brings OSM not only to mobile devices, but also to a growing number of cars in the US as part of our Scout collaboration with Toyota. Next, we are bringing OSM to cars in Canada. To make this happen, we spent six months growing our team, mapping a lot, and building new technology. In this talk, we will talk about how we scaled up our mapping effort so we could help the OSM community make OSM ‘car ready’. We will talk about how we worked with the community, mistakes we made, lessons we learned, data we discovered, and how OpenStreetCam was essential to our success. Speaking of which, we will also have some interesting OpenStreetCam news to share!